What about her?

About this page — I’ve always loved writing but somehow lost it along the way. Started this during the lowest part of my life, rediscovered the love affair to keep me sane.

About the girl —

Single mom to three boys and four dogs.

I love the outdoors and cacti and flowers.

Still dreaming of owning a tortoise and maybe a couple of snakes?

I’ve a full time job, a part time job and some sort of business. I don’t need your money.

I’ve short-term memory. I always tend to forget things. And names. If you know me really well, you’d get used to me saying things like “I think it starts with the letter (insert first letter of thing/person/whatever).” And I’d always get the first letter of whatever it is I forget, right! lol

I don’t usually understand myself either.

My hair is almost always either red, purple or plum. I’m thinking of adding green to this list. UPDATE: My hair is currently green. Finally. MORE RECENT UPDATE: My hair is blue now. MOST RECENT UPDATE: I don’t understand my hair color anymore, it’s like algae color. MOSTEST (if that is even a word) RECENT UPDATE: I’m almost a year into not dying my hair, yay! Put tinsels instead. No more hair colors for me.

I read a lot. I love reading HONY and ugly crying. I collect books. Bargain bookstores are heaven.

I love singing even if singing doesn’t love me AT ALL. Karaoke anyone?

Coffee is a non negotiable. Black and really hot. No cream, no sugar.

I write sometimes. I also do calligraphy and doodle and paint, sometimes.

I hoard socks.

I’m fond of taking ice cream pictures, I’m not sure why.

Anything potato. Anything tomato (except ketchup).

I love the crunching sound of dried leaves when you step on them.

I’m not a romantic person but I think I love cuddles.

I love going to concerts, any concert. It could be a pop concert, a rock festival, a musical or an orchestra.

I listen to Taylor Swift, I love Taylor Swift so deal with it.

I’m currently obsessing on BTS. BTS EVERYTHING.

I’ve a tongue ring. Not sure if this even is significant. Why’d I put it on here?

I daydream a lot.

I’ve irrational, totally unreasonable, complicated, overly exaggerated trust issues. I’m weird like that and I couldn’t care less of what other people think.

I could also guarantee that what you read on here might not be entirely true. These might be just some words to fill in this empty space.

Truth: I’m happy right now. Super happy.

But before I go, here’s something to pass the time:

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies






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