To the Beach We Go! | Juancho’s 9th

Road trip Southbound!

Celebrated Juancho’s birthday at the beach! (post pandemic shenanigans)

Much needed break from everyday and so timely it was also a holiday.

We stayed at Casa Praia along White Beach in Punta Ballo, Sipalay. It’s a private beach house with 4 bedrooms (10pax capacity) and 1 and a half bathrooms. It’s fully furnished with a complete kitchen in case you choose to cook.

Day 1

Pre-birthday sunsets and swimming and the adults with cards and drinks.

Day 2

Sunburnt and happy. Swimming all day at the beach since it’s conveniently just in front of where we were staying 😂.

Happy birthday Juancho!

Happy birthday Juancho!

Day 3

Breakfast and some family time then homebound.

Weekend well spent!

xx DMV

Local | Negros Occidental

There’s so much to see in our province honestly. Day trip bonding sesh with my cousins the few days they were home.

Photo set | Murcia & DSB

Lunched at Mambukal Resort, one of the popular mountain resorts in Negros Occidental located in Murcia and rests at 1,200 meters above sea level. It’s been the go to if you want a feel of the mountains since I was a kid. Can go hiking up to the seventh falls, kayaking in the lagoon, camping, watch the gigantic fruit bats or go dipping in the sulfur pool.

Passed by the viewing deck going to DSB overlooking a wide stretch of terrains and plantation.

Coffee at La Guada cafe. It’s a cafe resto with a marvelous view and guests can also stay overnight. They have a variety of rooms that could accommodate just you, a couple or family or you can opt to bring a tent, set up camp, make a bonfire and grill some barbecue. Can also go river trekking with their local guides.

Capped off our day at this pine tree haven in DSB.

Best times always with family.




Sunday Getaway | Duyan Cafe

So what to do on a Sunday?

When you want to escape the noise of the city for a bit, the mountains is always a good idea.

Photo credit: Duyan Cafe Facebook page

Almost 30 minutes from Bacolod City, Duyan Cafe is located in Sitio Lantawan, Brgy. Guimbalaon, Silay City. Approximately 21 kilometers from the Silay Airport, route is well paved and cafe is visibly on the side of the road, you can’t miss it!

Unwind and chill.




They serve sandwiches, coffee, tea and astonishing views. No entrance fee! The perfect weekend getaway. Even the kids love it!

Duyan Cafe is open Wednesdays – Sundays from 7:00 am to 6:30 pm.





Terrarium Weekend

Last Saturday, Kids Inc. Bacolod hosted a terrarium class for kids to learn and enjoy. This Tita though, decided to join 😂 This is actually the second time they had the class but I wasn’t able to join the first one because of work and was very happy when they announced that they were doing a second one.

Although there are lots of pegs on pinterest and tutorials on youtube, it was great to spend it with a group and learn even just the basics of open and closed terrariums.

With Ms. Ruby Quisumbing, the facilitator

We were taught what plants to use for open and closed terrariums, what soil to use, how to mix soil, proportions and watering.

It was indeed a well spent weekend!

Photo credits: Kids Inc. Bacolod




Of Celebrations of Life and Goodbye Kisses

After a long and tiring week, de-stress weekend up the mountains. It was a birthday celebration and a bon voyage to two of our dear friends.

Photo set | DSB






Happy birthday April!

And this kid wanted to explore.






Happy kids!

Again, happy birthday April and safe travels Mary Rose!






At 32, I found myself sitting in a corner, deciphering techno music over a bottle of water. 

It’s been almost 2 months since I QUIT drinking and smoking. In between, maybe a glass or 2 of wine or a mojito and maybe a puff or two from a friend’s drag but other than that, it’s been almost 2 months. Why? Well, because I decided I dint want to anymore. You just get to a certain point where you tell yourself “I don’t want to do this anymore.” And hopefully, I’m not lying to myself.

I’m drafting this at 3:30 am because I can’t sleep from the caffeine of the soft ice cream that tasted like really bitter coffee earlier (swear I was not eating dark chocolate) and I went ahead of my friends who’re still left enjoying the night away at the bar.

And now I am sitting on the loo writing this because I might lose these thoughts in the morning. I realized that when you refocus your life to be more substantial, you notice the unnecessary things. Or maybe I’m just not into this techno shit but, there I was, at 32, sitting in a corner, drinking a bottle of water, trying to enjoy the music, watching my friends dance their hearts out (yes, you Greg) and all I could think of is my bed.

Maybe if I was drinking, my drunken senses would have made me believe I love techno and I’d be dancing crazy just like before when I used to almost always get drunk. Maybe if I was smoking, I wouldn’t be yawning too much. Maybe if I forced myself into the sea of people at the other side of the bar so I could listen to the local dj play the Chainsmoker’s overused Closer, I might be staying til sun up.

When my sober self had a moment to just stop and stare at everything around me, kids all over, girls in crop tops, guys hitting on girls, people pushing people inside the small and overly crowded bar and everyone is bumping at each other’s sweaty self, cheers here and there, some guy slipped, some girl puked, loud laughter, boisterous laughter, the smell of smoke in my hair, I was like man, I might just be too old for this (then I see my uncles in a table at the far end). I guess, this bar scene is no longer my idea of fun.

Yeah, boring. Fun is subjective tho so..yeah.



Weekend Getaway

Since a friend of mine is going back to the US on Thursday, we planned to have a farewell get-together out of town during the weekend. Initially, we planned on going to Dumaguete or Sipalay but due to our busy schedules, we decided to go somewhere near.

We ended up at La Vista Highlands, a mountain resort in San Carlos City. It’s more or less an hour’s drive outside Bacolod City.

The owner is an architect from Bago City, he is currently based in Cebu. We made reservations with him and he was very accommodating.

We took the route going Murcia since the distance is shorter. Road going there is well paved and traced with the scenic view of pine.


We hit jackpot when we arrived because it was just us for the night; we had the whole place to ourselves!

The Asian-tropical themed resort has very captivating landscape and architecture. It is surrounded by cabanas and huts that overlook the 24-hectare area.




Their rooms are varied to suit clientele capacity. Ours was situated at the Garden Villas, good for eight persons at P9,600/night inclusive of room amenities, swimming and breakfast. It has awesome interior, the beds were really cozy and the pillows were super fluffy. The terrace has a dining/lounge area and a hammock with a great view of the surrounding mountains.






Other resort amenities include a full-menu restaurant, a minibar with activities such as billiards, table tennis, darts and foosball and a lounge area.





The place also features two swimming pools. The big pool is 6 feet deep and the small pool is 3 feet deep; it’s also used as a heated jacuzzi. (Underwater shots were taken with a Sony Xperia Z2)






The resort also offers outdoor activities such as horseback riding and for the more adventurous ones, the zip line and cable car.








Overall, it was a truly great experience. The kids especially enjoyed the stay!




La Vista Highlands Mountain Resort
Contact no.: +63917 320 0211 (Anne) / +63917 321 6704
Email: /

On our way home, we stopped over at Pandanon Valley Resort to go see some monkeys. The place is fairly known for wild monkeys roaming loose.

536299_419489391418246_1210224479_n(Photo Courtesy: Pandanon Valley Resort)

557992_635572849809898_645188358_n(Photo Courtesy: Pandanon Valley Resort)


They also boast of their natural spring water. There are cottages alongside the spring and they also have a restaurant and a swimming pool. Costs of the cottages and food are fairly cheap.


photo 1

That’s us waiting to see some monkeys. We got to see a few but at a far distance. According to the staff, the monkeys usually come down from the mountains to the resort and the guests could see them up close and feed them.



Pandanon Valley Resort
Contact no.: (034) 434 9463 / 433 5527

Weekend well spent.



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