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  • The Day Everything Changed

    The Day Everything Changed

    One full year isolated from friends and loved ones. One full year out of work, out of school. One full year of faces hidden behind a collection of masks. One full year of life as we know it, thrown into complete disarray. Exactly a year ago when the world went into a standstill, locked down…

  • Weekend | Lantawan

    Weekend | Lantawan

    Weekend at the mountains. Mahjong sesh leveled up 😂 Hearty lunch, happy hour started at 12:00 noon and even if I lost at mahjong, twas a really good weekend away from all the noise of the city. xx DMV

  • Oh Hello Sydney | 2018

    Oh Hello Sydney | 2018

    Annual chaos with my forever dates — part 2. Was supposed to be a week-long vacay in Sydney but this momma had well, responsibilities so I caught a later flight in the week and actually just stayed for 4 days. Too short! And the hell I had to go through before getting on that SYD…

  • Mayana Peak | Too foggy for a view

    Mayana Peak | Too foggy for a view

    Quick getaway for me and my munkeys before school starts. Weather was not on our side, gods must’ve been smoking a ton of clouds nonstop but still, the foggy pictures looked eerie beautiful. If you want to opt for a day hike with a magnificent view — Mayana Peak. It is located at Sitio Punod,…

  • Holiday | When trying to be a tail

    Holiday | When trying to be a tail

    Juancho’s day out (Photo set) DSB | Canlaon 2016 year ender Best friends are home so — road trip! My future hiking buddy!   2017 starter | 1st road trip of the year This massive tree is said to be more than 1,300 years old! And the kids found a new playground. Great way to end…

  • Today’s Black and White

    Today’s Black and White

    Photo set | Lantawan, Silay City   Gloomy weather and just because.     xx DMV

  • Where are you now?

    Where are you now?

    Moalboal, Cebu They say that one of the things you need to do before settling down is travel with your best friends. Well, none of us are settling down (me is a totally different story), we just like doing stuff and going places together, that’s all there is to it. Seascape before summer ends and getting…

  • Thursday at the farm

    Thursday at the farm

    Holy Thursday | Photo set xx DMV  

  • Playground of the gods | #PulagingHappy

    Playground of the gods | #PulagingHappy

    I’m still having a weekend hangover! So since the power is out here at the office, might as well put my mobile data into good use. Last year, me and my friends were supposed to hike Mt. Pulag on my birthday but unluckily, it stormed. So when my best friend called me up last month…

  • A day at the farm

    A day at the farm

    Holy Thursday at the farm. Time well spent with loved ones. xx DMV