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  • The Kids are Out | Holy Week 2022

    The Kids are Out | Holy Week 2022

    Writing this in the rainy season to maybe remind me, us, some remnants of summer. First proper vacay out of town for the kids, finally out after 2 years! Now off to Boracay Island! Road trip took maybe 4 hours if we haven’t stopped by some Mcdonald’s and Jollibee to eat. Aftermath of the typhoon…

  • 35th | August Encore

    35th | August Encore

    I feel like this has become an annual August thing and I love it! Finally some quiet time with my best friends. Well, not so quiet. Photo set | Punta Bulata, Danjugan Just the four of us. Road trip! Punta Bulata Arrived at Punta Bulata and felt like we owned the place. No one here…

  • Weekend | Lantawan

    Weekend | Lantawan

    Weekend at the mountains. Mahjong sesh leveled up ­čśé Hearty lunch, happy hour started at 12:00 noon and even if I lost at mahjong, twas a really good weekend away from all the noise of the city. xx DMV

  • First of Summer | Boracay 2019

    First of Summer | Boracay 2019

    Photo set | Boracay Island This world-renowned tourist destination was closed last April of 2018 for rehabilitation due to irresponsible tourism and reopened on October of 2018, 6 months after, accompanied with lots of drainage constructions, demolished establishments and investment restrictions. Side trip from work and even if I was feeling sick, I decided to…

  • Mommies Day Out | Taiwan 2018

    Mommies Day Out | Taiwan 2018

    Mommy break in Taiwan. Scorching summer heat but still fun nonetheless especially with the company I was with. Seriously nonstop laughter from the littlest, nonsensical and most random things. Photo Set Day 1 First stop – North Park for breakfast since our flight was not until later in the evening. Left for Taipei around 7pm…

  • Long Weekend | Holy Week 2018

    Long Weekend | Holy Week 2018

    Family time during the holy week down Southern Negros. Photo Set | Nabulao Beach and Dive Resort Day 1 | Good Friday On our way to Hinoba-an, we passed by Campomanes bay at the Amity training camp. Thinking of letting our kids join the second batch some time in May, training on basic survival skills. Juancho…

  • Last of Summer | 2017

    Last of Summer | 2017

    One last beach trip with my boys before school starts and summer is officially over. Photo set | Punta Ballo, Sipalay Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Punta Ballo is (I believe) an unspoiled beach paradise located south of Sipalay, approximately 4 hours from Bacolod City. A stretch of white sand, spectacular scenery, calm waters, clear…

  • ´╗┐Hong Kong 2017 | Summer break

    ´╗┐Hong Kong 2017 | Summer break

    I’ve read somewhere that family vacations are “happiness anchors” for kids until they grow up, banking on treasured memories and bonding moments. Instead of spending so much on gadgets and expensive toys and since March was a month of so many celebrations (Joaquin’s birthday, his and Miguel’s transition to 7th grade and Juancho’s moving up…

  • Where are you now?

    Where are you now?

    Moalboal, Cebu They say that one of the things you need to do before settling down is travel with your best friends. Well, none of us are settling down (me is a totally different story), we just like doing stuff and going places together, that’s all there is to it. Seascape before summer ends and getting…