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  • Ode to Sunrise

    Ode to Sunrise

    Life is full of sporadic facades and intermittent moments, bits and pieces tattered with every flip of a page. And sometimes the struggles forge you into this impetuous cynic, averted by the water that you keep to hydrate. They leave you shriveled, bare and almost dying. Almost. – I cannot even begin to describe the…

  • Walk

    I keep walking. Damp hair smear my cheeks; sweat trickle down my eyes; soles sore and heavy neath a crumbling fantasy; toes numb, lurching me to trip on scarred tracks; dirt stain my face. I wait for an audience to stare down at me, a smirk, stifled laughter, but there is no one. I am…

  • Pain inspires

    Pain inspires

    If there is one thing I have learned from the past four years, is that pain inspires me more than anything. I could never really write about love or happiness, I just normally suck at it. But pain–oh pain is the ink that fuels the rambling chaos inside my head which randomly spill onto blank…

  • Vienna

    This — because October’s almost over.

  • The Rebel

  • Just some days.

    Just some days.

    Rarely. Just some days.    

  • His Mind

    It has always been a challenge (not a struggle) to raise a child with Asperger’s. They see a world so much different from ours, understand differently from what we can normally comprehend, grasp unrealistic ideas and view it as normal. They see color in black and whites and grays in color. They give a solid…

  • What we are made of


  • Hardened Heart

    And just so suddenly You notice, The sea of memories you are blinded to, From the dust of simple things, That trigger what was so delicately hidden to resurface. And just so suddenly A hope starts to flicker, And fear threatens a war on the flood of emotions starting to burn, A surge of what…

  • Hey little Lady

    Hey little lady, Your eyes glimmering tears In the wake of an uncertain morning. Hey little lady, Clad in your fears Treading a life of misgiving. You think you’ve gone mad, Unsure of your wants Living in days of misfortune. The world is a complicated façade, Of happy lies Fading too soon. Hey little lady,…