Singapura | 2017

Last long weekend of August and so timely to the Foo Fighters Concrete and Gold tour!


Day 1 | Foo Fighters Concert

Flight was delayed, arrived SG at around 1AM on the 26th (same day of the concert) and stayed up drinking whiskey til 4AM. 😂 Body clock woke me up at around 7AM (uuugh), started beering at around lunch then went to the National Stadium at around 4PM to line up.


They sold merchandise for Foo Fighters at around $20-$45 SGD.


Non stop beer while we wait. 😂


Security was tight. They dint allow the egg sandwiches we brought. 😞


Line was already this long when we arrived at around 4PM. Concert will start at 8PM.


Yay! Front row baybeh!


FullSizeRender (2)

I die! Can’t believe I was this close! 😭






Went to Somerset to have dinner and of course, non-stop beer (lol).

Pretty subway

Chanced up on Franco who also watched the Foo Fighters concert.


Great food and awesome new friends!

Day 2 | City sights

I only went to see the concert really but since my flight wasn’t until 1AM, my friends took me to see some of the sights of the city.

Singapore is a doll, so nice that the stores are preserved to look like old houses and it’s so well maintained! And everywhere you go, you see a lot of green.


First up, Gardens by the Bay.


These Supertrees stand up to 50 ft tall! And at night it lights up to different colors. I’ll have to come back to see that.



Flower Dome

This was heaven! The flower dome replicates the cool and dry Mediterranean climate showcasing exotic plants from five continents which are displayed in nine different Gardens.

This orchid field!

This pumpkin patch.

And I especially loved this Australian Garden. I was like OMG. Cacti and succulents overload!

Cloud Forest

This was a “cloud walk” experience that I did not prepare for. I’ve a ridiculous fear of heights (yes I do) and the walk way was see through on the sides you could literally see 35 meters to your death right below your feet, I was sweating in 23C temperature. The place was of tropical/misty forest theme with a really tall waterfall.


This crazy walk way.

These Begonia blooms are unreal. I feel like mine at home are so puny.


These are microscopic orchids, really cool!


Marina Bay Sands

Went to the sky bar to grab us some drinks with a view.



View from Ce La Vie Bar

Happy happy hour!


View from the top.

Merlion Park


This was quite a sight, everyone was trying to catch with their hands or mouths this merlion’s puke. 😂

IMG_4498 (2)

Singapore weekend was amazing! Thank you so much to my NFFs for adopting me, you guys are awesome! What a trip to cap off my August.





What is Love?


Love is …

♥  a single white rose on a rainy day
♥  a movie with Tater’s major barbecue fries
♥  a box of Reese’s
♥  a book collection
♥  a peck on the cheek
♥  a hug from the back
♥  a foot massage
♥  a bowl of cerelac
♥  a slow dance
♥  a lunch date with your sister
♥  a music soundtrack
♥  a rock concert with your bestfriend


Love is …

♥  the racing heart and the sweat that breaks from a proposing man
♥  the tears that fall from the groom’s eyes when his bride enters the room
♥  the look of awe on a bride’s face when saying her vows
♥  the house they build and make into a home
♥  the waking hour, the afternoon sighs and the last goodnight
♥  the rise and fall of his every breath while watching him sleep
♥  the 9 months a mother carries her son in her womb
♥  the endurance of a torturous 36 hour labor
♥  the patience in looking after a baby who just recently had his shots
♥  the constant cooing of a 3 month old angel
♥  the ridiculous face a brother makes for a smile from the little one
♥  the proud look of a grandfather seeing his grandson score a goal


Love is…

♥  the bags under a mother’s eyes for staying up late to feed the baby
♥  the scar on her belly to bring out the life from within
♥  the pain a father feels from not seeing his newborn son
♥  the broken heart of a single mother
♥  the dreams she keeps pursuing in hopeless situations
♥  the faith she puts on an unseen God
♥  the silent prayers for a shattered soul
♥  the forgiveness for the hurt, selfishness, lies and betrayal
♥  the appreciation of the little things that matter
♥  the acceptance of a person despite the differences
♥  the sincere thank you during helpless moments
♥  the fingers locked and intertwined, not wanting to let go


Love is undefined, indescribable, immeasurable…

LOVE are these moments.




…but the greatest of these is Love. – 1 Corinthians 13:13

Photo courtesy: Google images