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  • Meet You in Singapore | 2023

    Meet You in Singapore | 2023

    (Here I am again, writing something months later from when this actually happened, sorry.) If you have been following me for quite some time, you might well know that me and my friends have this annual thing every Valentine’s season. Every February for the past decade, it has been tradition for us to go to…

  • 38th | And my August Pt. 1

    38th | And my August Pt. 1

    Here we are again, late in posting as usual. I have to get back to my habit of writing for sure. This year’s August was memorable. Marks the first time I get away since being locked down by a global pandemic (that just had to happen in my lifetime!) almost 3 years ago. But first,…

  • The Kids are Out | Holy Week 2022

    The Kids are Out | Holy Week 2022

    Writing this in the rainy season to maybe remind me, us, some remnants of summer. First proper vacay out of town for the kids, finally out after 2 years! Now off to Boracay Island! Road trip took maybe 4 hours if we haven’t stopped by some Mcdonald’s and Jollibee to eat. Aftermath of the typhoon…

  • Grey and Yellow

    Grey and Yellow

    2020 was life-changing, it was exceptionally challenging that I canโ€™t even put in a good word. It was unremarkably heavy, a burdened weight unnecessarily shouldered for the past 10 months. Suddenly, everyone had to forego with comfortable, we did not have a choice and that was frustrating. Life had to hide behind the mask. Loss…

  • Staycation Manggapuri | 2019

    Staycation Manggapuri | 2019

    It’s been a very busy year but we managed to squeeze in some time to get together despite the chaotic schedules. Annual getaway with my forever dates! Photo set | Manggapuri DSB Whole place to ourselves! Manggapuri is located at Prk. Mangga, Brgy. Igmayaan, Don Salvador Benedicto, a little over an hour’s drive from Bacolod…

  • 35th | August Encore

    35th | August Encore

    I feel like this has become an annual August thing and I love it! Finally some quiet time with my best friends. Well, not so quiet. Photo set | Punta Bulata, Danjugan Just the four of us. Road trip! Punta Bulata Arrived at Punta Bulata and felt like we owned the place. No one here…

  • 35th | Bag Raid

    35th | Bag Raid

    As I’ve said, I stopped celebrating my birthdays when I turned 20. And ever since family and friends would throw me surprise parties where, for the most of it, I would come under-dressed or unprepared, obviously. I am not really big on surprises but I’ve always appreciated their efforts, even when it’s also finding a…

  • 35th | Middle Earth

    35th | Middle Earth

    Photo set | Northern Island, New Zealand I stopped celebrating my birthdays when I turned 20 for silly reasons most people wouldn’t really understand. Not that interesting so don’t be curious. Every year, on my birthday, I leave and go on an adventure and for the last leg of this quarter life crisis, I went…

  • Weekend | Lantawan

    Weekend | Lantawan

    Weekend at the mountains. Mahjong sesh leveled up ๐Ÿ˜‚ Hearty lunch, happy hour started at 12:00 noon and even if I lost at mahjong, twas a really good weekend away from all the noise of the city. xx DMV

  • Oh Hello Sydney | 2018

    Oh Hello Sydney | 2018

    Annual chaos with my forever dates — part 2. Was supposed to be a week-long vacay in Sydney but this momma had well, responsibilities so I caught a later flight in the week and actually just stayed for 4 days. Too short! And the hell I had to go through before getting on that SYD…

  • Mommies Day Out | Taiwan 2018

    Mommies Day Out | Taiwan 2018

    Mommy break in Taiwan. Scorching summer heat but still fun nonetheless especially with the company I was with. Seriously nonstop laughter from the littlest, nonsensical and most random things. Photo Set Day 1 First stop – North Park for breakfast since our flight was not until later in the evening. Left for Taipei around 7pm…

  • 34th | Keeping up with the SObelles

    34th | Keeping up with the SObelles

    If you weren’t there, you won’t get it. Spent my 34th with these crazies in breathtaking Siargao. Photo set Day 1 | Cebu And off we go! We had to wait for April to arrive from Manila so we killed time at the Casino just across the Mactan Airport. Literally pigged out at a Yakiniku…