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  • Lonely Thursdays

    Lonely Thursdays

    It was a lonely Thursday when I impulsively got on that plane to find myself.  Soothe the trembling hands from a longing so unbearably painful, the noise from my throbbing chest so awfully loud.  Is this how it is to love truly? To intentionally be blind from candied lies and dilated pride? Could I even…

  • September musings

  • The Day Everything Changed

    The Day Everything Changed

    One full year isolated from friends and loved ones. One full year out of work, out of school. One full year of faces hidden behind a collection of masks. One full year of life as we know it, thrown into complete disarray. Exactly a year ago when the world went into a standstill, locked down…

  • Cliff glider

    Cliff glider

    I never imagined getting affected by the flimsiest of things but here I am, a chaotic mess of sad, angry and feeling bad. Yes, I felt bad. It never crossed my mind that I would develop anxiety but the past 10 months of uncontrollable uncertainty has turned me into a silent wreck. Isolation and confinement…

  • Borabiba | 2017

    Borabiba | 2017

    Let’s open summer! My friend who was celebrating her birthday and at the same time her and her husband’s 5th wedding anniversary, one random night, was looking through old pictures of our laboracay trip 2 years ago. Nostalgia got the best of her so 26 of us decided to celebrate in Boracay and it was…

  • When Love calls you Home

    A likely reunion on a rainy day.   For Maika and JP (March 27, 2005, October 6, 2016) Have an awesome trip to paradise you two!

  • At 32, I found myself sitting in a corner, deciphering techno music over a bottle of water. 

    It’s been almost 2 months since I QUIT drinking and smoking. In between, maybe a glass or 2 of wine or a mojito and maybe a puff or two from a friend’s drag but other than that, it’s been almost 2 months. Why? Well, because I decided I dint want to anymore. You just get…

  • Beach Day

    Beach Day

    Photo set | Lakawon Island Resort Located in Cadiz City, Negros Occidental, place is an hour drive from Bacolod and a 15 minute boat ride from the port to the island. Day 1 First thing I saw when I set foot on the beach 😂 Checked in and they told us that the floating bar was closed…

  • Kids’ day out

    Kids’ day out

    Instead of throwing a party, me, my sister and her husband decided to take the kids to theme parks in Manila for Lily’s 2nd birthday.   July 1 – MNL Bound All set! So many firsts for these kids. From the airport we went straight to Enchanted Kingdom. Nice that we still got to avail…

  • Single Mommyship

    Single Mommyship

    And all the stereotypes that go along with it. NO, totally not my fault I’m in this situation. I did not choose to become a single mom, I mean who in their right mind wouldn’t want their kids to grow up with a complete family? But unfortunately, it did not work out like it should for…

  • Today’s Black and White

    Today’s Black and White

    Photo set | Lantawan, Silay City   Gloomy weather and just because.     xx DMV

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