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  • Gloria in Manila

    Gloria in Manila

    U2 | The Joshua Tree Tour 2019 The Joshua tree, which in fiercely adverse conditions, was seen by U2 as a symbol of faith and hope in the midst of aridity. The tree was named, by early Mormon settlers, after the Old Testament prophet Joshua as its branches reminded them of Joshua raising his arms…

  • Weekend | Garden of Luisa

    Weekend | Garden of Luisa

    Photo Set | La Castellana Somewhere in La Castellana, this just a little over an hour road trip from Bacolod City will lead you to the Garden of Luisa, a farmhouse turned resort, surrounded by lush greenery and a scenic view of the very active Mt. Kanlaon, for your perfect staycation. Since cousins are home…

  • Weekend | Lantawan

    Weekend | Lantawan

    Weekend at the mountains. Mahjong sesh leveled up ­čśé Hearty lunch, happy hour started at 12:00 noon and even if I lost at mahjong, twas a really good weekend away from all the noise of the city. xx DMV

  • 34th | Birthday Encore

    34th | Birthday Encore

    Stick with the people who pull the magic out of you, not the madness. Vacation from my vacation (lol). My best friends are home and it’s been too long since we’ve been together in one place, us four, so no matter how exhausted and hungover and sun burnt I was, I just had to fly…

  • ´╗┐Hong Kong 2017 | Summer break

    ´╗┐Hong Kong 2017 | Summer break

    I’ve read somewhere that family vacations are “happiness anchors” for kids until they grow up, banking on treasured memories and bonding moments. Instead of spending so much on gadgets and expensive toys and since March was a month of so many celebrations (Joaquin’s birthday, his and Miguel’s transition to 7th grade and Juancho’s moving up…

  • Holiday | When trying to be a tail

    Holiday | When trying to be a tail

    Juancho’s day out (Photo set) DSB | Canlaon 2016 year ender Best friends are home so — road trip! My future hiking buddy!   2017 starter | 1st road trip of the year This massive tree is said to be more than 1,300 years old! And the kids found a new playground. Great way to end…

  • Thursday at the farm

    Thursday at the farm

    Holy Thursday | Photo set xx DMV  

  • Oh October

    Oh October

    That month when family was almost complete. First up, my cousin’s wedding. Just some random photos. Special thanks to: HMUA – Jan Nicole Puentevella Uy Coordination and Event Styling – May Lee Wedding and Events Photography – Digital Arts Photography Video – Yellow Light Studio Cake – The Cake Room Photobooth – Mike’s Photobooth DJ…

  • 31st


    The initial plan was to climb Mt. Pulag for the weekend but then the weather did not permit us to do so. Was devastated, maybe a bit. Thank you so much Hanna! Will have to reschedule this one some other time I guess. So what went down… Since we already had tickets, Pam and I…

  • A day at the farm

    A day at the farm

    Holy Thursday at the farm. Time well spent with loved ones. xx DMV

  • Weekend Getaway

    Weekend Getaway

    Since a friend of mine is going back to the US on Thursday, we planned to have a farewell get-together out of town during the weekend. Initially, we planned on going to Dumaguete or Sipalay but due to our busy schedules, we decided to go somewhere near. We ended up at La Vista Highlands, a…