Dearcember 8: Just another Coincidence

While scrolling through one of my social media sites, I came across your profile shoving me with happy faces of you and her. Funny, how you both made it official on the exact date we met over a year ago.

To be honest I felt a weight in my chest but only for a bit, then I found myself letting out a loud sigh.

A friend of mine started this challenge called #dearcember where you write an open letter for 30 people for 30 days. I don’t have 30 letters for 30 people for 30 days but I have today in particular and just one letter to write for just one person in mind.

So if ever you stumble upon this and feel like maybe it’s for you…well, here it goes:

You were a happy coincidence.

It was so random but we matched in so many ways.

I’m not sure why the universe allowed our paths to cross, even until now that question remains unanswered; will remain unanswered. They say everything happens for a reason but you turned out to be some kind of bullish confusion and it has always left me wondering.

Maybe it was because you needed to give me something I did not know I needed.

Momentary attention, appreciation, a push to quiet my emerging insecurities.

Soulmate. Whatever that is.

We were the same but different. You were my deja vu. I saw myself in you but I guess you found me too complicated.

I thought we were okay.

I would never know if you were a hint of hope or something misleading.

You added more pieces to my shattered ones but I’ve always felt numb anyway so it didn’t really hurt.

Despite having left with the door wide open when you suddenly decided you cannot stay, leaving the cold memories and what could have beens to linger in my head a little longer, I’m thankful for you.

You unearthed a part of me I did not know still existed.

You gave new meaning to emotions.

You forged color into my words and taught me that pain make such beautiful unconventional art.

For the most part of it, you showed me that I am after all, still human.

That I could be vulnerable and it’s okay to feel sad that we ended way before we even had the chance to begin, that you left me hanging and have me the impression that I am not enough to deserve some sort of closure.

So I guess this is how I end things, to finally put a dot to your unfinished sentence and close a book I haven’t even started to read.

I wish she complements your passions and understand your wit and give you the happiness you’ve so long been looking for, we all deserve it some way or another.

By now, you have become my so long ago, a fading thought and finally — I’m done.



Integrated Farming | Peñalosa Farms

9,000 sqm of heaven!


You need not go far, this farm is actually just located within the city proper.

Since me and my sister are looking into maximizing what little farm space we have left (and sadly sugar is not doing so well right now), we were really interested with the agripreneurship trainings Peñalosa Farms offers, so hoping we could learn a thing or two, we drove to Victorias City to inquire and see the place itself. And yes it was truly heaven. No wasted space here, the whole place was full of herbs and ornamental plants and farm animals.

We were welcomed with this tea made of 5 herbs (Ashitaba, Taheebo, Gotukola, Peppermint and Calamansi) sweetened with honey and I’d say it was really good considering I’m not really a tea person.


I especially loved this space, a garden made with recycled materials.


All around the farm, you get to see so much recycled stuff utilized as planters and even furniture. From used PET bottles and containers to used tires to used PVC pipes. Anything you could recycle, they use. Very ingenious.

The farm features aquaponics, they grow a large variety of mushrooms, organic vegetables, herbs, ornamental plants and probiotic livestock. I was amazed to see the hogs were so huge even when they do not use commercialized feeds, they formulate their own.

As how the owner advocates that no Filipino should go hungry in his own native land, he offers transformational agripreneurship seminars to help farmers or would-be farmers start up an organic based business.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Imagine what you could do with just a small piece of land. There is no unproductive soil so to speak. Excited to get my hands dirty.


Visit their website:







Blogging in a Social Media era

Social media has grown tremendously over the past few years (thank you Facebook). I rarely know of someone who doesn’t have a social media account, it’s either they are on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, or all. Along with social media, the growth of bloggers has also ballooned (tumblr, wordpress, blogspot). People venture into blogging mostly for business purposes, ads on products and the like, some for self help, diy stuff, some (like me) just for the space to house random thoughts and share experiences.

The internet, especially social media, has become so influential to today’s society, everything is promoted through this platform and people would bank on likes and shares and follows as gauge for their successes. It’s advantageous especially if you’re running a business as exposure on these avenues have very high engagement (click here if you want to know how many people engage in various social media sites each second –> internet live stats). It’s very informative and up to date, you literally have access to what’s currently happening at the moment just by clicking on a hashtag. And well, people go to the internet when they want to know things. I do that as well. When I want to find out about something, I google it and results would redirect me to a number of links related to what I am looking for. Very convenient.

There is too, an ugly side to it. As when you promote and build a reputation through social media, stumbling onto one (just one) tactless and isolated opinion posted online could send your business (and reputation) crashing especially when the opinion is strongly emphasizing (with the exaggerated use of exclamation points and florid words synonymous to abhorrent) how bad your business/product/whatever is.

So what regulates these blogs? I found some sites to be very irresponsible and apathetic with admins just thoughtlessly posting online to comply with the “blogger” status. We can’t deny that some people view blogs to have legit information on things and are oblivious to the fact that not everything on the internet is true. I get that some people blog because they are passionate with what they write about but I also know that some people just blog to come off as someone influential and well-versed about a particular or all things (or maybe they are just plain bored and have nothing better to do with their lives). What qualifications does a blogger need to have especially when doing reviews? Or are they just free to throw out an opinion (whether good or bad) regardless of credentials or whatsoever? How is a review or an opinion on a particular topic/issue valid? I believe in constructive criticism but what if it implies the opposite and is destructive to the business/reputation?

Take this for example. You open a business, shell out a huge amount of money, struggle for a year to make it work literally pouring sweat and blood into the one thing that you’ve been dreaming for so long to achieve and finally start to make a breakthrough and build a name. Then here comes a random person (who also blogs) who felt like he had a horrible experience in your venue and just had to post about it unsympathetically despite having no background, qualifications whatsoever and is unverified. People would stumble upon the post implying that the business is bad and will no longer patronize. So what is the impact of this one isolated post? Well, one possible outcome could be that the business would become slow which means some people might just lose their jobs.

Opinions I believe are subjective, what may be good to me won’t be good to you. What I may find interesting might be dull to you. What I may find flavorful might be bland to you. What I may find trendy might be gaudy to you. So I guess, unless you have studied film or journalism or know the science behind how a particular food is cooked or have a degree in fashion merchandising, all these “opinions” are baseless but then the damage has been done.

It all goes down to how these bloggers take advantage of this wonderful and highly abusive medium called social media. I just wish writers would be more careful when putting words out there as these could make or break. As for blog sites, the posts say so much about the people behind.



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