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  • September musings

  • 3rd Quarter Musings

    3rd Quarter Musings

    I think—no, I believe I haven’t written in a very loooong time. This pandemic has fvcked up my sleeping cycle, my body clock, my little to less routines, and totally drained out whatever is left of the creative ink circulating in my brain. I started this back last year if I’m not mistaken? And I…

  • 3am Thoughts

    3am Thoughts

  • That Year-ender

    That Year-ender

    I’m still freaking curious. There was a spark, I know there was a spark and I’m missing that spark. I’ve been digging inside my head since that Thursday and I still can’t find you and your words and that smile. I’ve no memory.  

  • Visions of Dune

       Visions of Dune is the painting thesis of Matthew Odon Yrad. These works serve as a culmination of the time he has spent in school and in reading the famed science fiction series by Frank Herbert, Dune. Each work represents an aspect of the books’ characters that can be well attributed to the artist…

  • Perfect Score

    Matt Yrad | Artist Matt Yrad (b. 1992) is a traditional artist from California currently based in Bacolod. His collection of work deals with philosophy, science, various social commentaries and man’s pursuit for peace and enlightenment mixed with a playful and whimsical sense of religious iconography. Yrad has participated in various group exhibitions both in…

  • My Own Lisa

    My Own Lisa | A pop art exhibition 2nd Flr, Art District Bacolod City November 12-15, 2014 Congratulations to my cousin Matt Yrad and his fellow student artists for bringing together this exhibit! His own Lisa Great concept, cool and fun exhibit, worth the effort! xx DMV

  • The World According to …

    My cousin’s painting up at the new Gallery Orange . Matt Yrad “Transcendence” 2014 The Gallery is now much bigger and has a very artist-y feel to it. And yes, my cousin’s painting is in good company. In an often misunderstood world, these artists have found their home. So proud! xx DMV