Shake, Spray and Go!

My friends know me well.

Me being flatulent and all (okay, so that’s too much information right there), Aubrey gifted me this for my birthday and this is just gold!

Shake, spray and go!

I could literally just “go” whenever, wherever without the worry of having people stare at me when I get out of the hole (haha). I give it five stars!

The product is very effective in eliminating and neutralizing odours and also comes in 50ml bottles that you could just grab and carry everywhere, even in your carry-on luggage when you fly. I keep one at home and I’ve also been bringing one every time I travel, may it be to the beach, up the mountains or out of town.

Say goodbye to funky smells and you can use it anywhere if you feel like something whiffs a bit off. It’s not exclusive to toilet use, yay! Millefleurs/Poo de Toilette comes in 4 scents:

Lemon-Lavender (Original), Vanilla-Lavender, Green Tea and Lemongrass.

Here’s how to use your Millefleurs/Poo de Toilettes:

And if you’re looking for gift ideas, this is perfect! It’s natural (organic), non-toxic, handy and very useful.

For more inquiries, visit their website here.

**Millefleurs/Poo de toilette was one of the entries for the $1,000 Innovation Challenge under Velocity in New Zealand.





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