Visions of Dune


Visions of Dune is the painting thesis of Matthew Odon Yrad. These works serve as a culmination of the time he has spent in school and in reading the famed science fiction series by Frank Herbert, Dune.

Each work represents an aspect of the books’ characters that can be well attributed to the artist himself. The philosophy applied to the works, from the concept of the figures to the usage of colors can be ascribed to the premise of the books and also the principles of Herbert. An eccentric blend of striking and solemn, each painting emits an atmosphere of its own that catches one’s attention, not with the colors alone or the strength of the line of work, but the suffering embedded in it.

This exhibition is not a mere juxtaposition of 2d and 3d forms or a display of contrasting pigmets, but ultimately stands as a declaration of one’s burden of purpose when on a quest for the truth.

– Francine Varca




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