Perfect Score

Matt Yrad | Artist

Matt Yrad (b. 1992) is a traditional artist from California currently based in Bacolod. His collection of work deals with philosophy, science, various social commentaries and man’s pursuit for peace and enlightenment mixed with a playful and whimsical sense of religious iconography.

Yrad has participated in various group exhibitions both in Bacolod and California, including Untamed Territory (October 2015) and The World According to Us (2014) at Gallery Orange – Bacolod, My Own Lisa at Art District (Bacolod, 2014), and the Orange County Fair Art Show (CA, 2010). He was also a semi-finalist during the 2015 Metrobank MADE Art and Design Competition. He is currently on his last year as a Painting student in La Consolacion College.


Recently, last February 5, 2016 to be exact, LCC Arfien had their 19th Thesis Deliberation and I am so so so proud to say that my cousin earned a perfect score!

I keep a couple of his works at home. AAAAnd (Donds) I’m so looking forward to you putting up a show in New York. Congratulations!

Check out his works and connect with Matt!



Instagram: @elmunstro

Twitter: @elmunstro





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