BKK for the Weekend

Short vacation before Christmas season. Mix of business and leisure 😜

Was with my sister, her husband and a couple of friends. Checked in at a hotel in Pratunam area. What was good about where we stayed was it was right beside the Pratunam market. We arrived late so we just hit a Thai food place near us for some Pad Thai before hitting the sack.


Damnoen Saduak Floating Market.

Just for the experience of it, it’s around an hour away from Bangkok. The place is fairly huge. Almost everything is sold here from coconut drinks to beer to paintings to souvenir items to fruits to street food and pictures with lemurs and pythons.

We paid 1000 baht for the tour with the motor boat that also included a visit to a coconut sugar farm and a Buddhist shrine. Tour ran for almost 2 hours total.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Where they say everything is sold really cheap. Well some, but not all.

  The crowd.

We didn’t finish roaming the whole of Chatuchak Market because the place is so big we didn’t really know where to start and the weather is so humid, it was so hot and draining. Market is open from 6:00am to 6:00pm weekends but on Sundays, some stores extend until 8-9pm since it is the last day.

Chilled at Viva 8 for a bit. Our feet were dying from walking nonstop. Some Paella and Thai beer here.



Took the tuktuk back to the hotel. Had to experience this one.

Asiatique the Riverfront

The place is really nice with over a hundred stores, food shops and a view. It’s open from 2:00pm to 12:00 midnight. I found items sold here cheaper than the ones in Chatuchak.

Pratunam Market

If you’re into business, you go here. Wholesale is way cheaper compared to the ones sold in Chatuchak and Asiatique. Always ask for discount.

Noodle + Khamoo Restaurant

This was right beside our hotel and every time we go out we would notice the long queue of customers for this restaurant so we got curious.

The very long queue. Waited for almost an hour before we were seated. Good thing it was air-conditioned inside.

Almost there! 😝

Worth the wait! Must try wanton mee and pork rice. Store is open from 9:00am-4:00pm.

The Grand Palace

Have to go to Disneyland in a foreign place if they have one. Swear, it felt like going to Disneyland.


Reality versus what you see in pictures. It’s overly crowded, people are just swarming and it was really hot. I suggest when you go to visit, do it in the morning. Watch out for scammers. When you get into the Palace go straight inside, don’t talk to people outside offering to be your tour guides or telling you to buy discounted tickets from them. There’s a place where to buy your tickets. Entrance is 500 baht which includes the central court of the Grand Palace, Temple of the Emerald Buddha and Vimanmek Mansion. The place is open everyday from 8:30am-3:30pm. Also keep in mind to observe proper dress code.

The place is beautiful, majestic. Intricate details, amazing architectural structures and the walls are painted with so much history.

IMG_9514 IMG_9534 IMG_9535IMG_9533



Street Food

Never ending street food. Tastes good nevertheless.

IMG_9541 IMG_9542

Missed the Ping Pong show. Was supposed to watch one but reading reviews about it made us think to go maybe the next time around.

Short but great vacay.





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