Life in Tiny Box Thingies

We live in such a technology driven age that our lives are determined by likes and follows and views and re-tweets. Social media has taken over our dailies and the advanced technology makes it so convenient, it’s somehow become a “something we can’t do without.” Telcos provide you with the latest smartphones and gadgets and data plans on a minimal monthly cost. You get real time, first hand, whatever information. Almost everything is up and live.

And the more advanced technology becomes, the more dissatisfied people get. We carry technology everywhere, it is conveniently shaped and sized to fit our pockets, collapsed into tiny media powerhouses we could just grab and go.

Our feeds enable us to see what goes on in the lives of others in real time and when we find that it looks good or so much better than our perceived dull ones, we feel like we are missing out or is getting left behind and we’ve to do something about not being in “the trend” because we compare. So here comes in the filters and the slimming apps, editing our realities into what we want others to envy. What we fail to realize is that what is shown on these media platforms are only pieces of people’s lives they want to show. Reality is a far cry.

Why then are people struggling to be a “somebody“?  What is so intoxicating about being talked about or being “in” or feeling so important? It seems like everyone is so obsessed with attention. I will never fully understand. Discontentment is synonymous to unhappiness. Every time you compare your life to someone else’s, you only frustrate yourself.

Your life is not measured by how many signature brands of bags and clothes and shoes are in your walk-in closet or how many miles you’ve accumulated in your frequent flyer rewards card or how many sets of diamonds are in your jewelry box. Nobody cares.

Your life is not measured by having the latest, most expensive car in the market or the latest most advanced smartphone and gadget or the likes on your Instagram post or how many views your video has on YouTube or how many friends you have on Facebook. Nobody cares.

Life happens in seasons. Sometimes you have none, sometimes you have plenty. During lean times, pray and make do with what you have. During abundant times, be grateful, be humble and share.

Don’t let technology overpower you and dictate your life’s purpose. Put that cellphone down, stop scrolling and focus on what is important. Stop being a digital slave. We’ve to quit #hashtagging our lives and actually try living it.

You can chase after everything you’ve ever wanted and get it all. It won’t be enough. At the end of the day, every day, you’ll still feel empty. – Craig Groeschel

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Sentiments | #APEC2015

Philippines APEC Protest
Protesters chant near a venue hosting the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Manila, Philippines, Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2015. Leaders from 21 countries and self-governing territories are gathering in Manila for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit. The meeting’s official agenda is focused on trade, business and economic issues but terrorism, South China Sea disputes and climate change are also set to be in focus.(AP Photo/Aaron Favila)

Read article here.

No, I do not walk eight hours to work since Monday because of road closures. Heavy traffic due to some national event does not happen in the area where I live. Call me insensitive but what is one week of sacrifice (and maybe a little exercise) to a possible breakthrough for our country? I’m not keeping my hopes up but WHAT IF? I don’t know what these rallyists or these anti-APEC activists thrusts are all about. I’m too lazy to even learn or find out. I’m not sure if they are that dense to not know the possible impact this APEC Summit could bring to our country or if they are just simply that naive. I don’t even know what the fuck I’m talking about in here.

Point is, a simple shove on what you are so accustomed of doing (on a daily basis) suddenly becomes a sensationalized national issue. I understand a week might be too long for the hassle of going through all the walking and traffic, etcetera. You might say I don’t reserve the right to comment on these because I do not have the privilege of experiencing it first hand, but so what. All these big shot leaders from around the world came into a forum for a reason. It’s not like they came together to just hangout and party or something. And wow, we are given the honor to host it this year. Out of the 21 member economies, they chose the Philippines, we won the bid.

Yes, the hassle of traffic, the walking-long-hours-and-kilometers-far-to-work dilemmas, the no-work, no-pay two day holiday, the cancelled flights, the business opportunity loss unarguably exists. But what also exists is that expenditures for hosting this APEC summit is spent on Philippine ground – goods, services, food, souvenirs, employment, exposure and promotion of local enterprises; anything related to this APEC summit will be spent and made here, not abroad, here. Not only that, we finally have a platform to open our doors to more foreign investments, market our MSMEs, formulate policies to enhance economic growth and improve trade relations, address disputes with some countries and all other issues just to name a few. I am no economist or expert but some of us are just too blind to see this.

And here we are again, whining and complaining and blaming government for a little shove off our comfort zones. If the government doesn’t do anything, of course we complain. If the government finally takes action, we’ll always find something to complain about. How else are we, as one country, grow and progress if we choose to remain closed-minded and stagnant and divided?

We always act based on heightened emotion and self-interest and sensationalize everything. So showbiz.

Makes me feel ashamed to be Filipino sometimes.




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BKK for the Weekend

Short vacation before Christmas season. Mix of business and leisure 😜

Was with my sister, her husband and a couple of friends. Checked in at a hotel in Pratunam area. What was good about where we stayed was it was right beside the Pratunam market. We arrived late so we just hit a Thai food place near us for some Pad Thai before hitting the sack.


Damnoen Saduak Floating Market.

Just for the experience of it, it’s around an hour away from Bangkok. The place is fairly huge. Almost everything is sold here from coconut drinks to beer to paintings to souvenir items to fruits to street food and pictures with lemurs and pythons.

We paid 1000 baht for the tour with the motor boat that also included a visit to a coconut sugar farm and a Buddhist shrine. Tour ran for almost 2 hours total.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Where they say everything is sold really cheap. Well some, but not all.

  The crowd.

We didn’t finish roaming the whole of Chatuchak Market because the place is so big we didn’t really know where to start and the weather is so humid, it was so hot and draining. Market is open from 6:00am to 6:00pm weekends but on Sundays, some stores extend until 8-9pm since it is the last day.

Chilled at Viva 8 for a bit. Our feet were dying from walking nonstop. Some Paella and Thai beer here.



Took the tuktuk back to the hotel. Had to experience this one.

Asiatique the Riverfront

The place is really nice with over a hundred stores, food shops and a view. It’s open from 2:00pm to 12:00 midnight. I found items sold here cheaper than the ones in Chatuchak.

Pratunam Market

If you’re into business, you go here. Wholesale is way cheaper compared to the ones sold in Chatuchak and Asiatique. Always ask for discount.

Noodle + Khamoo Restaurant

This was right beside our hotel and every time we go out we would notice the long queue of customers for this restaurant so we got curious.

The very long queue. Waited for almost an hour before we were seated. Good thing it was air-conditioned inside.

Almost there! 😝

Worth the wait! Must try wanton mee and pork rice. Store is open from 9:00am-4:00pm.

The Grand Palace

Have to go to Disneyland in a foreign place if they have one. Swear, it felt like going to Disneyland.


Reality versus what you see in pictures. It’s overly crowded, people are just swarming and it was really hot. I suggest when you go to visit, do it in the morning. Watch out for scammers. When you get into the Palace go straight inside, don’t talk to people outside offering to be your tour guides or telling you to buy discounted tickets from them. There’s a place where to buy your tickets. Entrance is 500 baht which includes the central court of the Grand Palace, Temple of the Emerald Buddha and Vimanmek Mansion. The place is open everyday from 8:30am-3:30pm. Also keep in mind to observe proper dress code.

The place is beautiful, majestic. Intricate details, amazing architectural structures and the walls are painted with so much history.

IMG_9514 IMG_9534 IMG_9535IMG_9533



Street Food

Never ending street food. Tastes good nevertheless.

IMG_9541 IMG_9542

Missed the Ping Pong show. Was supposed to watch one but reading reviews about it made us think to go maybe the next time around.

Short but great vacay.




Oh October

That month when family was almost complete.

First up, my cousin’s wedding. Just some random photos.


34 5

Special thanks to:

HMUA – Jan Nicole Puentevella Uy
Coordination and Event Styling – May Lee Wedding and Events
Photography – Digital Arts Photography
Video – Yellow Light Studio
Cake – The Cake Room
Photobooth – Mike’s Photobooth
DJ – Leandro Zayco
Acoustic Band – Aire Band
Host – Dani Dingcong

Official Photos and Videos:

Digital Arts Photography:


Onsite Photo

Yellow Light Studio:

Engagement video


Next stop: chill at La Vista Highlands


La Vista Highlands Resort

Eco-Translink Hwy, San Carlos City, Negros Occidental

+639228680463 (Manilyn) or +639173216704 (Albert)

Next Stop: Dumsville! Haven’t set foot since God knows when and finally.. Was supposed to go whale watching in Oslob but weather did not permit us so we stayed in Dumaguete City instead.

12 345

Last stop: Pura Vida, Dauin

That much needed beach escape.


And I’m missing my cousins and the rest of the fam already.




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