Just some random thoughts.

There always comes a point in your life when you question yourself “Have I made the right decision?” I for one have lost count on how many times I’ve asked myself that dreadful question. But I do get that the life we live depends upon the choices we’ve made and if you find you are happy or miserable, you alone are accountable. Nobody is responsible for your happiness or your misery except you. The changes we want to see all depends on what action we do for what we want accomplished. Sad truth is we can’t save the world, we can’t save anyone from their selves.

Life is sometimes full of worries about details. If someone asked me how I was and I tell them I am doing fine, I’d be lying. I’ve been stuck in a dilemma for so long that I almost feel indifferent. But I am fully aware that my life’s turning point would all depend on me.




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