Remembering a Friend

God looked around his Garden and found an empty place.
He then looked down upon his earth and saw your loving face.
He put his arms around you and lifted you to rest.
His Garden must be beautiful, he always takes the best.
As the days come and go and the world moves on,
I know you’re still here, you’ll never be gone.
On the night the Angel came and
took your hand,
We cried as you left for an unknown land.
But Heaven rejoiced as you came into
For your soul was a diamond, shining so bright!


It has been eight years since you’ve gone, but it feels like you’re just here somewhere, maybe on eternal vacation. Your view must be amazing with the powdery sand, the blue sea and the awesome sunsets.

We miss you Maiks and I hope you enjoyed when we came bringing you pizza and barbecue and ice cream because we certainly did! πŸ˜„ (not to mention all the juicy gossip)

Because you are always remembered..
Because you are forever loved..
Because you are greatly missed..


Michaela Marie Gatchalian



A Birthday Party


The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate. – Oprah Winfrey

Sometimes it takes little things, random events to make us realize how privileged we are.

March 13, 2013 – We celebrated Manang Josephine’s 40th birthday. Josephine is one of our housekeeping staff here the Province’s hostel. She is also a beneficiary of DSWD’s Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program.

So you see, celebrating birthdays for people like Josephine would be a luxury. And at forty, she finally had the chance. It was very heartwarming to see so much joy, so much thankfulness. Just this small celebration meaning so much to a certain person.




We celebrated together with the rest of the staff of the hostel. And the food was delish!

Indeed a happy birthday for Josephine.



To Dance

Dance /dans/

Move rhythmically to music, typically following a set sequence of steps: “their cheeks were pressed together as they danced”.
A series of movements that match the speed and rhythm of a piece of music.

Haven’t posted anything for soooo long it seems..Been quite busy for the upcoming Provincial festival we’ll be having on April.

Anyways, I’m not sure what day exactly but last week (I think it was a Friday…) my kids had their MAPEH culminating activity in the form of dances. If you ask me what MAPEH stands for, I’m not sure if it’s M-usic, A-rts, P-hysical E-ducation, H-ealth. I think, I THINK that is what it stands for.

And it was so much fun watching my kids dance! My younger son, Jyuan danced with ribbons and my elder son, Joaquin danced a native dance. I don’t really know what the dances were called but I was just really happy to watch how well they did!

I was sitting really far, like up the bleachers, because the school assigned us parents that seating designation considering the number of students they have (from Prep to Grade 12).

IMG_2262 The kids all readied up before the presentation. πŸ™‚

full Full house at the Coliseum!





IMG_2306 The pics are blurry because of my location, i had to zoom in just to not get an ant like picture of my kids that’s why it’s pixelized. iPhone cam not good 😦



These simple priceless moments. Fun day at school. πŸ™‚



Again I have clips of the dances, I just don’t know how to upload it sad 😦

Must Love Dogs Part I: Meet Monmon

β€œA dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” ― Josh Billings

Beagles are one of the most popular and beloved dog breeds around the world. Snoopy, perhaps the world’s most famous dog, is a Beagle.

Who could resist those adorable doe like eyes and cute floppy ears?



IMG_1355 - Copy


Monmon is a 2 year old, tri-colored Beagle. I adopted her from a friend of mine last year. She was originally named Tequila. How it evolved to Monmon, I don’t really know.

Beagles do well indoors as long as they are properly exercised and taken for long walks daily.


This one especially, gets really excited when she sees her leash. Wags tail nonstop.


And after a long walk, she goes straight into the house and cozies up on the couch.


Beagles are brave, intelligent, and social dogs that are good with children and known for their loving, tolerant, sweet, and gentle temperament.


They are good with other dogs, but not good with other pets. Beagles love to be part of a pack but they do not take to non-canine companions, unless they are the human kind.


Beagles will also do anything for food. They just love food and will eat almost anything.

You will find Monmon beside the dining table waiting during meal times, NO miss! And she will totally ignore you when there is food around somewhere…


But this is to an advantage. Beagles are intelligent but hard to train. They are known to be really stubborn but since they will do anything for food, Beagle owners could use this as a training tool. I taught Monmon how to sit in just one meal time.

Beagles love to sleep. They could sleep for hours. And this one snores really loud! (I’ve actually recorded her snoring, I just don’t know how to upload it here 😦)


And although Beagles are naturally sociable and playful, clever and responsive, doing the same routine over and over again will get them bored. Well what do you expect, we human beings experience that too.


To sum it up all, I was really glad to have adopted Monmon. She has become a stress reliever, a good walking companion and a great distraction. She has added so much fun into our home, the kids really enjoy her and Marla (our Chihuahua mix) even gained a best friend.

Is a Beagle the right pet for you?

Visit this site to know more about Beagles:

We Love Beagles – The Ultimate Guide to Beagles




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